I'm an artist and designer based in Dallas, Texas with an international and global perspective. I strive to represent your products and information in a clear, appropriate manner by exercising a strong and concise command of color, technique and layout. I pride myself on utilizing prudent and transparent communication. I call them like I see them and will always give you my honest opinion. I design with the big picture and user experience in mind

I'd be happy to work with you on your next project-Just holler!

Selected Clients:

Sweet Spot Racing (Longmont, CO.)

Connect First (Boulder, CO.)

JCPenney (Plano, TX.)

Texas Land Conservancy (Austin, TX.)

TalkBoxBooth (Boulder, CO.)


"In an often high-stress and ever-changing environment, Max is a welcome constant to depend on. He consistently exceeds expectations when needing a fresh perspective on branding and packaging. His candid feedback and easy approach make him a trusted liaison. And, for what it’s worth, he always shares his snacks."

-Britney Ratto, Product Development Director, Men's Traditional Brands, J. C. Penney

"We have worked with Max on a number of different projects, from an 85 page E-book to infographics and logo design, and every one has led to our success. He is a listener, a collaborator and team-mate, regardless of being in office or remote. Many designers get lost in their own work and timelines, but with Max he is focused on our deliverables and works around our shortcomings. Basically, he is a blast to work with and is an expert communicator!"

-Dan Candee, C.O.O. Connect First

“Max and I have worked together for the past 3 years on packaging for various brands.  Max is always thinking creatively and delivers phenomenal results before deadlines.  From concept to creation you can expect a thoughtful approach & executed vision.  Max is detail oriented, collaborative and always thinking outside of the box”

-Marcie Miller, Product Development Senior Manager Men's Private Brand Basics, Accessories & Workwear


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